Hello! I split my time between making video content for Film and TV and devising and delivering social strategy and content.

I’ve produced and directed promo content for everything from Game Of Thrones (and its official fan show, Thronecast (Sky), to Springwatch (BBC) to American Gods (Amazon), and most recently, movies like (and including) Avengers: Infinity War.

Some recent things I’ve produced / directed are below, or you can watch a Youtube playlist.

Recent work

Avengers: Infinity War | Disney

So this was fun: cram Tom Hiddleston into a backroom at BBC TV Centre, and corral a load of cosplayers in for a shock meet and greet during Disney’s Infinity War fan event. I’d seen the Black Panther version of this and thought it was great (if a little odd to have people address a poster before the real deal surprised them). So we got the cosplayers to address me in an interview set up as a distraction. Feels like it worked.

Paddington 2 | Studio Canal

A real privilege to have created some promo spots (and deeper dive behind the scenes featurettes) for the utterly brilliant Paddington 2. This one offers a look into the film’s antagonist – Phoenix Buchanan – which Hugh Grant plays with all kinds of infectious abandon. Watch the full set in my Youtube playlist.

Neil Gaiman | American Gods | Starz / Amazon

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A very short film with Neil Gaiman on why he wrote American Gods. Shot by the superb Jim Shreim, directed by yours truly, and edited by the equally talented David Smith.

American Gods: Origins | Starz / Amazon

The above massively informed a longer form doc we made with Mr Gaiman, about Reykjavik and the part it played in American Gods (you’ll see it on the DVD). This social teaser (which last I checked, had totted up over 1m views across various social platforms) all folded into promotion for the TV adaptation, but it’s a great story wherever you are in that timeline.

This was shot by DOP wunderkind Spencer Meredith of Looksee Films, with editing by the equally talented David Smith.

American Gods | Gods In 60 Seconds | Starz / Amazon

Staying on this for (literally) one more minute – how to tackle explaining a complex story to an entirely new audience? Use author Gaiman and screen writer Michael Green – both of whom can pack in a lot of info into 60 seconds.

International Youtubers On Mars | The Martian | 20th Century Fox

Hanksville, UT hosts the Mars Desert Research Station, where I spent a couple of days documenting how Youtubers from all over the world would cope with a set of unique NASA-devised challenges. This is Movie Maniacs’ Vanessa Christin Poehlmann putting herself to the test.

Fungus The Bogeyman | Promo Featurettes | Sky 1

Fungus The Bogeyman is a state of the art adaptation airing on Sky 1. These are a few short versions of promo featurettes I produced to help support the show via On Demand and Now TV. Aspects covered include how to adapt such a highly regarded book, to the incredible process of realising a digitally rendered character in a live action environment.

Editing by David Graham and Lee Mynett

Game Of Thrones | ThroneWatch with Renly & Viserys | Sky Atlantic

Spent a lovely morning in LA putting former Game Of Thrones cast Anthony Gethin and Harry Lloyd through the emotional ringer for this – but definitely worth it. Even more edifying is that it topped the Game Of Thrones sub-Reddit for a day, and it looks like the fans enjoyed it.
Edited by Richard Biggs

Game Of Thrones | Red Carpet Fake Spoilers | Sky Atlantic

It must get awfully tiresome for Game of Thrones cast having to do interviews where they can’t give away spoilers, so I asked them to make some up. They had fun with it.

Edited by Spencer Meredith

Game Of Thrones | Throneoke | Sky Atlantic

A fun, admittedly shonky activity that served as part of the Game Of Thrones Exhibition at The O2, this also cut into a fun, montage piece for Sky Atlantic.

Edited by Matt Scott

Game Of Thrones | World Premiere Teaser | Sky Atlantic

Edit-produced this teaser for Sky Atlantic’s Game Of Thrones Premiere Special.
Edited by Matt Scott

Critical | Under The Skin | Sky 1

I wanted to try and combine a promo with behind the scenes elements for Critical. This is one of the results, a spot for Lennie James’s character which also made a nice editorial junction piece on Sky’s ents channels.

Edited by Richard Biggs